Delphine Angua Lovelace (ms_uberwald) wrote,
Delphine Angua Lovelace

I have a slight familiarity with Hetalia, apart from seeing all the ideological battles on fandomsecrets (mostly browsing the community to see if they have anything about Canada or Norway, those being the country whose history I majored in and the portion of my ethnic heritage with which I most strongly identify, respectively). I'm not going to sound off on whether I think it's inherently hideously offensive or what, because all the Scandinavian-American ethnic humor I was exposed to growing up has made me too desensitized to be able to speak for people who have a reason to be touchy. I've spent my entire life in a part of the country where every other school sports team is the Vikings and nobody seems to mind much, so the "how would YOU feel" test isn't really applicable.
But anyway, I feel inclined to take slight exception with the artist's portrayal of Canada, because I have a fairly clear mental image of what a cutesy anthropomorphic personification of Canada would be like, and it's not him. For one thing, I see Canada as a girl.

* Name: Victoria-Marie Fraser
* Age: younger than America (but you couldn't tell by the way they act)
* Hair: light brown
* Eyes: one blue, one brown. This is highly symbolic.
* Costume notes: wears little librarian glasses, and sometimes snowshoes or a Mountie stetson.
* Personality: intelligent and conscientious, but a bit neurotic due to unresolved issues from her childhood. Also has a bit of a complex where America is concerned. Polite, but shows a quirky, self-deprecating sense of humor once you get to know her well. Likes curling, snowshoeing, poutine, folk singing, weird independent films that all use the same ten actors, Royal Commissions, socialized medicine, and bringing up the War of 1812 in everyday conversation.
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