Delphine Angua Lovelace (ms_uberwald) wrote,
Delphine Angua Lovelace

I'm disappointed in the Torchwood/Doctor Who fandom

We have a canon time-and-space-traveling omnisexual, and yet the majority of the fic pairs him up with either conventionally attractive cisgendered youngish humans or a conventionally attractive cisgendered youngish-looking superficially-human-identical alien. I can understand why they do this on the show, as it makes casting and special effects much easier and, even if Torchwood is supposed to be the edgy show, they don't want to squick their audience too badly. But fandom doesn't have to worry about whether the tentacles will look too much like rubber or cgi! I mean, if you like crossovers, the man could be the Little Black Dress of the multiverse, without any worries over "Sure, it's a hot idea, but how to convince the main character to cooperate."

Aliens! Tentacles! Futa! Anthropomorphic personifications! (Or, for four great tastes that go deliciously together until it all ends in tears, Captain Jack/Admiral ZEX/Desire of the Endless. Call it "Ways to Love," after the Jason Webley song.) Intelligent shades of blue! (And if someone could make *that* work, they would win and internet and a half. And, if they were someone I knew IRL, a homemade cake.)
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